Buzzword or Bunk?


Growth Hacking Native Advertising Snackable Content Newsjacking It Factor As a marketing agency, we often get unusual requests. When the cloud first started emerging as a new buzzword, we received a call from a manufacturer that wanted the cloud. Some years later, a few IT professionals at a hosting company created an exceptional depiction of the cloud. They put white … Read More

Google AdWords Optimization


Google AdWords can be a powerful marketing tool that adds real value to a robust marketing campaign. However, as with many tools, it must be used correctly or it can waste resources. Google AdWords is set up on the basis of you paying per click. That’s good and bad. It’s good if you are driving qualified prospects to your website. But … Read More

Maximize Your Sales Potential—Worldwide


Veritas Marketing has extensive international marketing experience. Some of our clients are headquartered in Europe and rely on Veritas to reach their global audiences. Most of our clients sell or distribute products throughout the world. Many have manufacturing plants outside of the United States and others target specific regions in select countries. We encourage our clients to take advantage of … Read More

Event Marketing for Success


Events are an excellent way to education or train and introduce new product or service offerings. Get the most out of your events with effective event marketing. Whether you’re planning a webinar, tradeshow, lunch and learn, open house, seminar and other event, Veritas provides strategies and tactics to draw in and engage attendees. We can locate a targeted list to … Read More

Mobile Friendly = Search Friendly


You see it everywhere. People are searching the Internet on their cell phone while they are waiting in line, attending a meeting, shopping, waiting to board a plane or dining. Leaving your phone at work or at home has become nearly as critical as losing your car keys. It’s not surprising that an estimated 60 percent of online traffic is now … Read More

Google+ is about to get broken up


The search giant’s tepidly embraced social network is going to reorganize around its two standout products — photos and hangouts — as well as a newly named social feed called “streams,” Google’s product chief Sundar Pichai said at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona … learn more

Feature Article in Minnesota Business Pitched by Veritas

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How Horton became an award-winning exporter Roseville-based manufacturer uses Gold Key Matching Service to enter foreign markets BY ERICA RIVERA 01-19-2015 “International business is always about finding the right people,” says Michel Locquegnies. “It doesn’t even matter what you do or what the products are.” Locquegnies knows of what he speaks. As director of international sales and business development at … Read More

Keywords Google Cannot Index


It may be obvious to most, but Google and other search engines cannot index (read) text or words that are saved as an image. When it comes to images, search engines only recognize words in the filename or associated alt tags. Taking a shortcut or saving time by posting content as an image rather than formatting the text on the … Read More

Get Tracking!

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Conversion tracking in Google Analytics allows you to track a wide range of website visitor transactions. Track how many times a white paper was viewed, how frequently software is downloaded or when a visitor looks for a dealer in their area.