Happy New Year and Warm Wishes

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Celebrate the New Year Many people celebrate the new year by participating in a polar bear plunge. A New Year’s day tradition and charitable fundraiser, a polar bear plunge is where people take a dip in a freezing cold lake, river, pond or ocean. Once considered a boon to one’s stamina and immunity, there are winter bathing events throughout the … Read More


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Veritas Marketing is now offering companies the ability to run banner and native advertising on most competitor websites, video sharing websites and virtual-reality demos. Rival Remarketing includes an option to place ads that cover up (cover ads) competitor digital advertising throughout a large digital advertising network. How Does It Work? An intelligent algorithm-based system (I.A.-B.S.) allows us to run your … Read More

Happy Holidays from Veritas Marketing

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Holiday Trebuchet Oh the family inside is frightful But a distraction is so delightful And when there is no place to go Chuck the snow! Chuck the snow! Chuck the snow! Purpose:  Distraction Objective:  Chuck Snowballs Links to trebuchet plans, videos and more, www.veritasmarketing.com/chucksnow. Happy Holidays from Veritas Marketing