Keywords Google Cannot Index


KeywordsIt may be obvious to most, but Google and other search engines cannot index (read) text or words that are saved as an image. When it comes to images, search engines only recognize words in the filename or associated alt tags.

Taking a shortcut or saving time by posting content as an image rather than formatting the text on the webpage will cost you visitors looking for specific information on a make or model number, etc. And missed visitors typically translate into lost sales.

There are times when you want words saved as an image, such as text that is part of an infographic. However, when you’re adding keyword-rich application or technical information on a web page, make sure it wasn’t just an image file of the content from a sell sheet. An easy test is if you can highlight the words, it is text. If it won’t highlight and you get a circle with a line through it, it’s an image.

Unfortunately, many website developers and people that add or change content on a website don’t know basic search engine optimization (SEO). We’ve seen new websites that show visitor sessions dropping by more than 50 percent in the first 30 days.

If you are responsible for content on your company’s website, gaining some basic search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge can make a difference in your company’s bottom line.