The Personality and Face of Your Company

Your branding is the face of your company. Branding communicates your company value proposition, while differentiating and positioning you amongst your competition. Your branding also attracts customers and serves as the foundation to help your company grow and succeed. Veritas Marketing’s process starts with discovery to determine your big idea, positioning, attributes, brand pillars and proof points.

Veritas Marketing provides research, discovery, brand strategy, name generation, logo development, taglines, positioning and key messages as well as the overall corporate look. After the branding is established, that is just the beginning. Continuity is critical for successful marketing. When appropriate a corporate standards guide is developed to help maintain a cohesive look and message. We work with you so that your brand is reflected on your signage, email signatures, presentation templates, truck graphics, social media websites, mobile apps. and more.

Brand Structure

People buy from people. Emotional branding is a strategy that creates strong brand attachments between customers, stakeholders and brands. It’s essential to infuse humanity into a brand. Treat your brand like a person. Build its identity by giving it personality.

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Big idea

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