Sales Support with Continuity

In today’s electronic world, the sales process still needs to be supported by brochures, sell sheets, catalogs and other literature. Just as important, literature posted to a website as a PDF can be indexed on Google and other search engines.

Veritas Marketing is uniquely adept at writing technical information or taking technical information and putting it in terms that the average customer will understand. If you market internationally, Veritas Marketing has the capability to translate your literature text to virtually any language using native-speaking translators.

When it comes to design, your literature needs to reflect your brand and have continuity with your website and other marketing materials. Often, it is also important that sales people can quickly identify different pieces of literature. Veritas will work closely with you to develop a literature strategy that fits your needs. And our experienced creative and production team work efficiently to provide cost effective printed materials.

  • Collateral, NAC, Interplastics
  • Collateral, Industrial louvers, stationary
  • Collateral, Business Cards, Admit One
  • Collateral, pinta acoustic, Sellsheets
  • Collateral, Industrial Louvers, Brochures, Tech Sheets