The Anatomy of a Successful Squeeze Page

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The goal of a squeeze pages is to get the visitor to fill out an opt-in form, generating a lead or conversion. Highly effective squeeze pages are short and simple. What makes a great squeeze page? Compelling Offer or Lead Magnet Your squeeze page and the inbound marketing tactic or tactics need a compelling offer or lead magnet. “Learn more” … Read More

Where Are Your Leads? How Are They Managed?


The return on investment (ROI) for a mishandled, lost or forgotten lead is expensive. Too often companies don’t have a formal process for generating, capturing, managing or nurturing leads. If you don’t know what happened to the leads or contacts from the last trade show or marketing initiative, it’s time to formalize your lead management process. Create a Lead and … Read More

Retaining Excellent Customers


Keeping high-value clients is vital to business growth. In addition to continuous improvement initiatives, it’s just as important to market and communicate with customers on an ongoing basis. Here are a few tactics to keep your company in sight and on the mind of current customers. Promote valuable content via email, blog and social media Offer customer loyalty programs Explore drip marketing … Read More

A Gripping Call to Action


Do you have a lame call to action or a gripping offer that converts a prospect into a lead? Some companies have a built-in call to action. For example, online services can offer one-month free trials. Many business-to-business or industrial-based companies struggle to develop a compelling offer or hook, especially if the sales cycle for the product or service is … Read More

Veritas Marketing, LLC earns bronze 2016 Summit Creative Award for logo redesign

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Veritas Marketing earns bronze 2016 Summit Creative Award for logo redesign Veritas Marketing, LLC, an integrated marketing agency, was recognized as a winner in the 2016 Summit Creative Award competition. The winning submission from Veritas Marketing was among 5,000 submissions from 21 countries. Veritas Marketing won the bronze award in the logo redesign category for design and development of the … Read More

Posting for Kicks or for Clicks?


Are your business posts driving clicks to websites other than your company’s website? Is your company’s content random and unrelated? If you answer yes to those questions, your social media specialist is posting for kicks and is wasting valuable marketing dollars. Whether you hired a professional or an intern to develop and post social media and blog content, consider the … Read More

Closed-Loop Marketing


Closed-loop marketing is not a new concept. Veritas Marketing has been providing marketing automation, results tracking and analytical reporting since its inception in 2001. Technology and software improvements continue to make the process easier and more efficient. Benefits of Closed-Loop Marketing Work smarter, not harder Identify which messages and channels generate the most qualified leads Efficiently use budget dollars and … Read More

Sales + Marketing = Smarketing


Integrating the sales and marketing process can lead to annual revenue growth. One study establishes revenue growth of up to 20 percent. Unfortunately, all too often there is friction between sales and marketing. How aligned are your sales and marketing teams? Are your sales people creating their own marketing materials because the company’s message isn’t on target? Does sales complain … Read More

Black Isn’t the New Clear


Interplastic Corporation develops and manufactures resins, gel-coats, colorants and related products used to produce a wide range of innovative composite components, such as countertops, shower stalls, boats and automotive parts. One of Interplastic’s competitive advantages is that the company’s resin formulations are clearer in color. This minimizes discoloration of colorants and pigments added to the resin during manufacturing. The company … Read More

Strategic Marketing Plan for 2016


Proceeding without a strategic marketing plan is like shopping at the home improvement store without a list. It costs you more, it takes longer, you forget to buy necessities, and you make purchases that aren’t needed. A good strategic marketing plan brings the future to the present and gives you an efficient roadmap for getting to your destination—increased sales and profits. The process … Read More