Veritas Marketing

Big Do Over

The big Do OverThere’s been an error. Whatever the cause, digital agencies and ad agencies are no longer what they started out to be.

Agencies have forgotten what it means to be agents. An agent is someone called on to represent you. Someone you empower and trust to act as you would: strategically sound, fiscally smart and executionally brilliant.

An agent is an extension of you who is loyal to your cause. Veritas Marketing is a full-service, Minneapolis marketing and advertising agency dedicated to being the best agent possible.

Eclectic? Not Us is an international B2B marketing agency.

We know the architectural, industrial, high-tech, HVACR, chemical, manufacturing, transportation and other markets extremely well. In a general sense, we know their needs and their constraints. This is where we have our experience.

Now that we said that, we’ve severely limited ourselves. And that’s a good thing. We will be an excellent agency for clients who match our skills.

Adaptive biggest fixed cost of any agency is people. People working on your account, people not working on your account. You’re paying for all of them.

Veritas Marketing knows overhead is the largest challenge to staying affordable. Our staff is small, experienced and accomplished.

As needs change, we expand this core adding professionals on a by-project basis. They are people we have worked with for years. They are, in some cases, specialists, who know their area better than we ever could.

This approach keeps us extremely flexible in the variety of solutions we provide.

We think this approach is a very good thing for all of us.

Call To Action good marketing gets the recipient to do something. We’d like to be your agent. We offer years of proven results. We have a list of people you can call who have worked with us. And we have a commitment to being the very best agent for your company.

One Final Thought

There’s another meaning of the word agent. It’s a force that causes change. A force that changes prospects’ minds, changes conventional wisdom about a product and changes profit margins for the better.

One thing is certain: Veritas Marketing is changing what it means to be an agency. We are committed to being an exceptional agent, in every sense of the word.