Happy Holidays From Veritas Marketing

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Happy Holidays This year we had the opportunity to create contemporary brands for a few new clients. Each has a long history related to the holidays. These new brands helped our clients gain fresh opportunities and diversify into new markets. After many years of frosting windows and bringing seasonal cold weather, Jack Frost went to college and earned a degree … Read More

Happy New Year and Warm Wishes

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Celebrate the New Year Many people celebrate the new year by participating in a polar bear plunge. A New Year’s day tradition and charitable fundraiser, a polar bear plunge is where people take a dip in a freezing cold lake, river, pond or ocean. Once considered a boon to one’s stamina and immunity, there are winter bathing events throughout the … Read More

Veritas Marketing wins 2017 Interactive Media Summit Creative Award

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Veritas Marketing, a full-service international marketing agency, received the bronze award for Interactive Media in the 2017 Summit Creative competition. Veritas Marketing’s Interactive Holiday Card submission scored among the best of more than 5,000 submissions from 24 countries. The interactive White-Elephant Gift Generator holiday card, utilizes the company’s marketing automation platform. A White-Elephant Gift Exchange is a relatively well-known game … Read More


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Veritas Marketing is now offering companies the ability to run banner and native advertising on most competitor websites, video sharing websites and virtual-reality demos. Rival Remarketing includes an option to place ads that cover up (cover ads) competitor digital advertising throughout a large digital advertising network. How Does It Work? An intelligent algorithm-based system (I.A.-B.S.) allows us to run your … Read More

White Elephant Gift Idea Generator


You may have been involved in or heard about a White-Elephant Gift Exchange. This White-Elephant Gift Exchange idea generator is programmed to help you find the perfect gift that the recipient never wanted. A white elephant is a gift with maintenance costs that exceed its usefulness. The king of Siam gave such animals as gifts. These were considered obnoxious and would … Read More

New Year’s Traditions from Around the World


  Belgium: Farmers wish their cows a Happy New Year. Family have parties where everyone kisses and exchanges fortune greetings and toasts to welcome the New Year.   Bolivia: Coins are baked into sweets, and whoever finds the coins has good luck for the next year.   Chile: Families spend the night sleeping at the cemetery.     China: Every … Read More

Happy Holidays from Veritas Marketing

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Holiday Trebuchet Oh the family inside is frightful But a distraction is so delightful And when there is no place to go Chuck the snow! Chuck the snow! Chuck the snow! Purpose:  Distraction Objective:  Chuck Snowballs Links to trebuchet plans, videos and more, www.veritasmarketing.com/chucksnow. Happy Holidays from Veritas Marketing