Closed-Loop Marketing


Closed LoopClosed-loop marketing is not a new concept. Veritas Marketing has been providing marketing automation, results tracking and analytical reporting since its inception in 2001. Technology and software improvements continue to make the process easier and more efficient.

Benefits of Closed-Loop Marketing

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Identify which messages and channels generate the most qualified leads
  • Efficiently use budget dollars and resources
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the customer
    • Where they came from
    • Pages visited
    • Last event resulting in conversion
  • Develop better content tailored to each prospect for ongoing marketing

Many companies have difficulty successfully implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Other businesses do not have the resources to track and capture leads from emails and telephone calls. If that is the case at your company, do not abandon the strategy. Implementing part of the closed-loop marketing process still holds exceptional value.

What’s Involved

  • Lead generation planning as part of the overall marketing strategy
    • Detailed business objectives and target audience information
    • A clear definition of qualified leads
  • Implementation of lead generation programs and campaigns
  • Extremely compelling call-to-action resource
  • Special landing pages with forms to capture leads
  • Unique URL codes for campaign tracking
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Connecting marketing analytics with the CRM system
  • Data analysis to optimize marketing tactics and create better content
  • Ongoing lead nurturing
  • Conversion tracking
  • Return on investment analysis

To get started implementing a closed-loop marketing program, contact Veritas Marketing.