Black Isn’t the New Clear


Interplastic Corporation develops and manufactures resins, gel-coats, colorants and related products used to produce a wide range of innovative composite components, such as countertops, shower stalls, boats and automotive parts. One of Interplastic’s competitive advantages is that the company’s resin formulations are clearer in color. This minimizes discoloration of colorants and pigments added to the resin during manufacturing. The company also provides consistent products batch after batch and formulates environmentally-friendly, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) solutions.

Veritas Marketing was contracted to develop an updated corporate identity that differentiates Interplastic from its competitors. The process started with discovery, including a competitive analysis, company goals, target audiences, buying criteria, sales messages and more. This information was then used to create several concepts for the company’s new corporate identity. A significant challenge was identifying images that depicted Interplastic’s products that are primarily liquid substances.


Interplastic’s previous corporate identity incorporated large black color blocks and custom abstract pastel illustrations. The heavy use of black and soft images didn’t adequately depict environmentally-friendly, clearer resin products.



To position the company for the future and communicate the competitive advantages, Veritas Marketing proposed a clean look. A liquid background image and three-dimensional molecules were incorporated into the design to illustrate what the company engineers and manufactures. In addition, application images, such as countertops, spas, boats and windmills, represent where Interplastic’s products are used.