Happy Holidays from Veritas Marketing

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Holiday Trebuchet Oh the family inside is frightful But a distraction is so delightful And when there is no place to go Chuck the snow! Chuck the snow! Chuck the snow! Purpose:  Distraction Objective:  Chuck Snowballs Links to trebuchet plans, videos and more, www.veritasmarketing.com/chucksnow. Happy Holidays from Veritas Marketing

Web Site Ranking for Mobile Devices


Google announced it will adjust search ranking on mobile devices based on how well the web site is optimized for a mobile user experience. It may be time to update your web site.

AQC Industries selects Veritas Marketing


AQC Industries, manufacturer of The BlueDuct, has appointed Veritas Marketing as its marketing agency.  Read more about how Veritas will support AQC’s further expansion across North America and about The BlueDuct underground air-duct system here:  https://www.veritasmarketing.com/news_PRpages/aqc_0713.html.

Veritas Provides Support Services to Survivor Resources

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Veritas Marketing is honored to offer complimentary marketing services to support Survivor Resources, a nonprofit organization.  To learn more about the agreement and about Survivor Resources, a nonprofit that offers support for individuals and families dealing with life issues resulting from the unexpected death of a friend or relative due to homicide, suicide or accident, please follow link: https://www.veritasmarketing.com/news_PRpages/survivorresources_0713.html

Stay In Front of Prospects and Customers with E-mail Marketing


Veritas Marketing makes it simple to connect to customers and prospects. E-mail marketing gives you a direct communication to introduce new products, provide technical knowledge, set misconceptions straight and more. Break into a new market, reach potential customers and generate leads with a custom e-blasts using a quality third-party opt-in lists. Veritas Marketing is skilled at finding and helping you … Read More

Marketing Strategy


How Does Your Company Stack Up? A competitive analysis of first impressions can help position your company, products or services properly amongst the competition. Are you the high-quality/high-price provider? But when placed head-to-head with the competition, does your marketing communicate low-quality/low-cost provider? If so, develop a head-to-head competitive analysis. A basic spreadsheet is an ideal format. Keep the information short … Read More



Backlinks or links from other more popular websites improve a website’s search engine optimization. Exchange website links with distributors, representatives and other partners. Locate and list your company on industry and local Internet directories and buyers’ guides. Associations often provide directories of members. The most- visited websites are social media websites. If your company does not have a social media … Read More

Secret Shopping to Better Service


Secret or mystery shopping isn’t a new concept. But it’s often overlooked. Are leads and customer calls handled in an efficient and courteous manner at your company? Most would like to say yes. But do you really know? When creating a marketing plan, Veritas often tests the sales process of our clients and their competitors by engaging with the company … Read More

Minnesota Manufacturer of the Year Awards


Congratulations to Midwest Rubber, Quality Ingredients Corporation and Uponor for earning Minnesota Manufacturer of the Year Awards this morning. The award, presented by the Manufacturers Alliance, recognizes companies that share information and experiences to strengthen the local manufacturing community.