Rich Content Engages


Digital media, rich contentDigital media is constantly evolving adding variety, verve and an innovative approach to marketing. The content provided through electronic channels is a resource for customers and prospect who are regularly seaching for infomation to help them achieve a goal or meet a new challenge.

Content marketing incorporates tactics such as white papers, technical articles, online training, videos and webinars that provide information to educate, set misconceptions straight, show a solution or introduce a new viewpoint. By adding content that does exactly that to your marketing mix you provide a rich, value-added experience and your target audience is more compelled to learn about, specify or buy your products or services.

Chances are you have stories that would be interesting to the media and potential customers. Showcase a success story achieved with your clients’ product, service or a unique application to meet a particular challenge. Many companies feel that their customers will not be interested in participating in a case study or press release. You may be surprised. Keep in mind that they are also looking for marketing opportunities. All you have to do is ask. A case study is a win-win.

The Results Are In
More than a decade of data tracked by Veritas Marketing proves that rich content earns website visits and leads. Press releases announcing new training programs, articles to set the record straight on regulations that impact an industry, compelling case studies and how-to demonstrations are response generating leaders.

More Mileage with Rich Content
Now that you have a rich-content marketing strategy, what do you do with it? Media sources need to fill websites, e-newsletters, Twitter pages and print publications with articles, stories and videos. They are hungry for significant content to engage readers. Pitch a white paper or article to a single media source or distribute it to several media outlets. Announce new training programs, demonstration videos or webinars with a press release. Post teaser text and a link on social media websites as well as industry and company weblogs. Include the information on your website and in an e-blast to your company e-mail subscriber list or purchase a custom e-blast through an industry media source.