Mobile Devices in Business-to-business Market Segments


 Mobile Devices, Business-to-business Market Mobile website usage is increasing at a rapid pace in consumer markets. There is also growth in business-to-business markets for mobile website usages. Worldwide, 13 percent of all website traffic is from a mobile device. This trend is growing rapidly.

When should your website be updated for mobile optimization?
For consumer businesses, the sooner they update their websites for mobile use, the better. Business-to-business companies should also consider the upgrade now. While most of your website visitors may still be using a computer to access your website, there are several reasons why you should upgrade your website.

Google and Bing have a separate mobile website index. Just like Internet search engine optimization, your page rank will improve the longer your mobile-friendly or mobile website is on mobile search engine indexes.

There are also several marketing strategies that can be implemented to drive sales, provide training or information and improve customer service. For example, QR codes placed on products can drive visitors to training videos, installation guides or an e-commerce website to buy more products.

What is a mobile website? 
Most websites are constructed at 1,000 pixels or wider for today’s larger computer monitors. Mobile device screen resolutions vary greatly. In addition, cell phones are getting larger and tablets get smaller. Currently, the average mobile device screen is 300 pixels wide. Regardless of the screen resolution, viewing a website that isn’t mobile-optimized from a mobile device requires some scrolling and zooming. A mobile-friendly or mobile website will adjust the content for ideal viewing on any mobile device.

Do I need a completely different website for mobile device users?
Not necessarily. Depending on the website, it may be fairly affordable to optimize your current website for mobile viewing using responsive and/or adaptive website design techniques. Alternatively, it may be desirable to develop an abbreviated version of the website for mobile use.

Enhancing your current website now for mobile device viewing can lead to new marketing and customer retention tactics and increase your website page rank on mobile search engines. And marketers that are redesigning their website should request a mobile-friendly construction.