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Useless Snowball Trivia and Tips

  • Largest Snowball: Guinness World Records, 32.94 foot circumference, rolled by students from ASME Michigan Technology University, Photo and Official Record 
  • Snowball Thrown Farthest : 223 feet, thrown by Roalad Bradstock in Fort Myers, Florida, snowball made in Atlanta, Georgia, Video
  • Biggest Snowball Fight: 7,681 participants, Saskatchewn, Canada,  January 30, 2016, Official Record  
  • Snowball Capital of the World: Leuven, Belgium, Wikipedia 
  • Snowball Fight Prohibition: 1472, Amsterdam, Wikipedia 
  • Make a Snowball Machine Gun: Video
  • Professional Snowball Fighting Competition: Yukigassen, Yukigassen International
  • How to Win a Snowball Fight: Tutorial
  • Make the Perfect Snowball: According to physics, Article
  • Top Five Snowball Makers: Products, Link