Rebranding: Polk County Pond Scum Green to Technology Innovation

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Founded in 1972 and transitioning from second- to third-generation ownership in 2010, Northwire decided it was time to make some changes. The company wanted to update the website. Veritas Marketing recommended a corporate identity and positioning renovation at the same time. The management team agreed.

Having worked with Northwire since 2005, Veritas started the rebranding process with a strategy discovery meeting, competitive analysis and a creative blueprint. This allowed Northwire’s management team and Veritas Marketing to step back and take a look at where the company should be positioned for the future.



The old logo color was affectionately dubbed Polk County pond scum green by Northwire’s marketing manager. Paired with Green Bay Packers yellow, the corporate identity was drab and dated.

old northwire logo



In the years leading to the logo redesign, the company had transitioned from a regional cable manufacturer to a world-wide, custom-cable solutions provider. Northwire’s biggest advantage over the company’s large competitors was speed and custom solutions. If a customer had a difficult application that required unique custom cable in a smaller quantity, Northwire was the go-to leader. A majority of the time, these customers also needed it fast. And Northwire delivered with lead times shorter than any other company on the market. These messages became part of the positioning that Veritas Marketing developed. The new logo needed to have continuity with the legacy branding, while communicating speed and innovation. This was accomplished by simplifying the compass symbol and line graphic, brightening the green, selecting a more modern type font and adding orange.

Northwire logo